Responding to COVID-19 Pandemic

Amidst the outbreak of COVID-19 and intense racial tensions, HSH responded and continued to move forward. COVID-specific addresses by the HSH office and imperatives included: The Office in partnership with the City of Detroit, United Way of Southeastern Michigan and the Policy Equity Group created and supported the portal to assist providers in navigating COVID-19 Relief grant applications, accessing other funding opportunities and personal protection equipment and supplies; created a guide and an interactive tool to assist providers in developing mandated re-opening plans;

  • Imperative #1 – pediatric mobile clinics to ensure newborn immunizations; increased virtual pediatric appointments.
  • Imperative #2 – provided grief and loss support for caregivers, youth and families; coordinated with Behavioral Health and Special Needs partners to support families during “stay at home” order, distributed ECE packets via partner distribution sites.
  • Imperative # 3 – in partnership with DPTV provided 24-7 at-home learning programming through PBS Kids, coordinated child care provider business viability supports, engaged cross-sector partners to develop a communications campaign capitalizing on the essentiality of ECE highlighted by COVID.
  • Imperative #4 – offered PPE grant support up to $2,500 per Learning Spaces program, assisted with TA support through, collated design considerations and facility modifications that mitigate risks for ECE programs, created a children’s storybook to illustrate COVID-19 related changes in learning environments for children, engaged with National Wildlife Federation to provide recommendations and resources for safe use of outdoor spaces.
  • Imperative #5 – coordinated emergency child care needs for essential workers in partnership with the city of Detroit and Wayne RESA, supported cross-sector coordination of PPE needs survey and supply distribution, launched Connect4Care to assist families with locating care.

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