2020 Policy Summit Recap – Imperative Lead Table Talk

“Equity in quality childcare will is not possible without addressing the individual needs of families which include basic needs and financial mobilization for parents.”

That was just one great quote from our policy summit, where we met with policy leaders to become advocates of change for childcare.

Meet Hope Starts Here’s Imperative leads and listen to their dynamic Table Talk discussion presented during our Hope Starts Here 2020 Policy Summit. Hear about the personal experiences that have shaped how our Imperative Leads think about improving outcomes and influencing policies, and discover how our Imperatives are aligned with best practices to achieve progress for Detroit’s children and families.

Collaboration across each of the imperatives is crucial to our success and the impact we make on the lives of our children. If you missed out on attending this year’s Hope Starts Here 2020 Policy Summit, you can still get access to all of the recap videos here.

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